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Conversation Processing Intelligence™

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A New Generation in Conversation Processing Technology
Smartphones have become ubiquitous and indispensable, but surprisingly, with all their app-enablement, smartphones have done little to bridge the gap between computer intelligence and the phone itself. Smart features, apps and add-ons fail to utilize conversation content more than any traditional voice phone.
With Conversation Processing Intelligence, when conversations converge on anticipated content a processed conversation segment is retained and a communication link is formed by a background agent. The user benefits by being exposed to related content across the network. Publishers and content providers benefit by increasing the relevance and value of their content presented to the user. And the universe of opportunity to derive additional commercial value from a simple conversation extends to all internet based communication methods.

Social platforms enable global exposure to consumers who turn their online persona into a revenue-generating forum. Instant stars created on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media blog sites become lucrative sponsor agents for major brands, products and services. A number of companies are trying to make a business of measuring if and when people are paying attention to products and services, including clipping services, market research, and social media analytics. None of these presently use access to voice calls, and few utilize other forms of phone-based communication. With CPI's proprietary technology, everyday conversations become eligible for sponsorship, incentives, and promotions.


Contextual Conversation Processing in Telecommunication Applications Computer Control of Online Social Interactions Based on Conversation Processing Method and system for notification and telecommunications management Contextual conversation processing in telecommunication applications Method and system for notification and telecommunications management Method and system for event notifications System and method for adaptive forums communication Method and apparatus for conversation based ringtone